Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Memories 29.9.10 Good luck Miss St Lucia-World

17-year-old Aiasha  Gustave left yesterday for China.
17-year-old Aiasha Gustave left yesterday for China.
St Lucia’s Miss World representative Aiasha Gustave left for China from the Hewanorra International Airport on Tuesday, September 28 sometime in the early afternoon, in her usual high spirits. The seventeen, soon to be 18-year-old, will compete with scores of pageant hopefuls for a spot in the Miss World finals this month.
St Lucians near and far have been extending their support to the young woman who’s expected to be one of the youngest contestants in the pageant to be held on October 30.
Never mind her age, Aiasha’s sponsors have no doubt she’ll make her country proud. An excited SHE Caribbean Publisher Mae Wayne said her company decided to sponsor Aiasha because she’d had a longstanding relationship with STAR Publishing.
“We decided to come on board because we felt St Lucia had a very good contestant who could make us proud,” Mae Wayne expressed. “Aiasha has been a friend of SHE Magazine and the STAR ever since she modeled for us at the age of 13 in SHE. She’s a friend of my son, she has worked for us during the summer as a receptionist, she’s really done a lot of work with us and we’re really happy to come onboard for her and be able to sponsor.
Through its contacts, SHE Caribbean magazine sponsored Aiasha’s winning wardrobe and gown, designed by Claudia Pegus.
“She has a very nice wardrobe that we think somebody like Aiasha should have,” Mrs Wayne continued, adding that St Lucia had done a great job supporting their contestant. A number of people had come forward sponsoring Aiasha in cash and kind. This just tells you the caliber of person and the respect she’s had on the island with her songs and the way she’s carrying herself. I’m very happy for her.”
“The first thing that attracts you about her is her genuine personality,” Mae continued. “She’s incredibly beautiful with a great amount of poise, added to that she’s talented and very smart; she just got accepted to study law, she’s put that aside for one year to go up for this competition.”
The SHE publisher said that despite her age she expects Aiasha to excel.
“I think she’ll do really well,” Mrs Wayne said. “I think she’ll make the finals and who knows, she could win and surprise us all!”
Just as she was getting set to take off Aiasha sent a message via BlackBerry thanking all of St Lucia for their support.
“There’s no one feeling or emotion that stand alone as a perfect adjective to describe how I feel,” she wrote. “From now on all I see is a never ending journey forward of opportunity in the future and I thank everyone who contributed to me getting there. One people. One World. One Love.”
Good luck Aiasha!

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