Thursday, 31 March 2011

I bought my copy of She Caribbean today !

So at last I have managed to buy She Caribbean with Aiasha starring on the Front cover. Inside there are 8 pages of gorgeous photos and a very interesting interview. Please go and buy you copy now...

If you are in the UK : WHSmith News, Menzies Distribution, Dawsons News 
If you are in the US: Universal News Manhattan, Hudson News (grand central station) Borders, Barnes & Noble 
If you are in the Dominica: DominicaBrizees Mart, HHV Whitchurch Supermarket. 
If you are in Trinidad - All Hi-Low Supermarkets (10 outlets)Medicines Pharmacies, Charran's Bookshops (Airport departure lounge), Awaii's Store (Airport), Super pharmacy, Starlite, Miniciti Pharmacies, UWI Bookstore, Als Drugs, B. Cornwell, Books ETC., E. Clarke,Family Affair,Food Giant (Supermarket) & many more pharmacies and book shops.

If you are any where else keep looking :-)

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Aiasha's School in St.Lucia for children with Autism



I have a little sister who is ten years old who has autism. Not many people know or understand Autism and so are not able to identify it.

It is a spectrum disorder and not a debilitating disease and the more people learn the more they will know how to understand ppl with Autism

Myself, My father,stepmother and family have started a school in St.lucia especially for children with Autism.

Can EVERYONE please "like" this Facebook Page for Autism !!
World Autism Awareness Day aims to increase people's awareness about people, especially children, with autism. The day often features educational events for teachers, health care workers and parents, as well as exhibitions showcasing work created by children with autism.

Aiasha in the She Caribbean London shoot (Part 1) by Ryan Black

Thanks to Ryan Black for the the use of these photos check out his portflio here