Saturday, 5 February 2011

Aiasha St.Lucia memories , Tweets 5.2.11

Aiashas photos comments with the photos

When life throws lemons at you.... NEVER get upset... Smile and give life this look -->

Hahaha sighhh that day was amazing. EMANCIPATION

I was never a Math student lol - you could see that---- :/

I miss you ☹

Spot the BIGGEST loser - yup that's meee guys

Yes me and my best friend in pre- school ! My twinky twinks man !! Boy to see us now !! Haha 

Everyone meet my awesome strong beautiful hilarious troublesome mom!

Everyone meet my REALLY strong brave and troublesome paps!! 

One of my strangest yet most exciting shoots up to date!  
Aiasha told me this was a "fun" photoshoot by Ras Conrad
  A Trinidad born photographer. Some pictures will be featured in SHE magazine.

Until our bompas reunite

Last pic of the day. All time classic! Sweet sweet music!

Guys meet my eternal love lol purple and brown!!!!

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