Friday, 1 April 2011

Lots of photos Tweeted by Aiasha 31.3.11

My hand made collection boxes when my friends and I created an organization linked with Red Cross 2 help Haiti 

I love this small friend with all my might. She is my best.
My other female friend who I love so much ♥ 11 yrs as friends and still going!
This is what life is about. My friends and I did this back home in beautiful st.lucia. Life is about love laughter good vibes and friendship
Aiasha T.R. Gustave
Olddd picture featured in SHE Caribbean Magazine - I was 15
Gradddd!!! I miss you guys!
England was nearly as hot as this day was! But not quite LOL
Friends for life. Clowns of the class forever formin the ass!!!! Miss them!
I took this one day on a beach lime! So amazing
Ha ha ha ha :) funniest packet ever. Guess what it is!
Looking through old pictures... Aww my prom night with my BEACH dress lol
Sunset back home <3
View from hotel in Mongolia

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